Who’s Who in the County Team

Suffolk Chairman

Beth Duchesne – pocket rocket and driver of any tractor known to mankind.  YFC through and through from the age of 10 and inaugural member of Lark Valley, Beth has made her way through the ranks and is now the woman in charge, full of ideas and always up for a challenge!

Suffolk Vice Chairman

Anna Holt – also our treasurer but the lady behind the main woman, quiet and super organised this girl has got YFC totally under control!

Suffolk Organiser

Tory Lugsden – Tory is our organiser – if it needs sorting out, she’ll have a go! Contact Tory at County Office on 01473 785547.

Suffolk Administrator

Liz Hornberger – Liz is the foundation of Suffolk YFC. She takes care of all our admin & is Club 300 Treasurer. Contact Liz at County office on 01473 785547.

Suffolk Treasurer

Anna Holt – Member of Halesworth YFC and holder of the purse strings. If it needs a spreadsheet Anna is our woman!

Suffolk Social Chairman

Izzy Botfield – Debenham YFC member and all round sporty spice, uber organised, probably going to frighten the county office staff into getting more organised earlier in the day!

Suffolk Sports Chairman

Nick Bundy – Super competitive, ultra sporty and mainly found up a mountain, tree or trying out something crazy!

Clay Pigeon Shoot Working Party Leader

Jake Mutten – The man with the bang! An amazing shot and quite handy when he hasn’t been out gallivanting the night before.  If he has, he’s useless!

Muck Chuck Working Party Leader

Jake Spatchett – loves his tractor more than anything.  Should have this job totally under control as long as there are no telegraph poles in the field.

Country Fair Working Party Leader

Neil Allen – if you need something Neil can usually find it.  Extreme attention to detail and also a little bit feisty.